Let's "Rock Enroll" Beautiful Rockstarrs!

This might help you set your new Seminar 2018 goals!

My National Area Goal for Seminar 2018 is for us to be a
Diamond Circle National Area
Building our Inner Circle strength!

To become a Prestigious Diamond Circle National Area!

Consultants: Be on a Royal Red Team and build your own!

Directors: Build 5+ Royal Red Teams!

Area: 20 New Reds per Quarter! We can do it!

Year Challenge: 100 Royal Reds by Seminar 2018!
It is a done deal!

My StarrVision is 20/20!

100 Royal Reds! The Prelude to Director & National!

30 New Directors in Blue!

Bee a Leader in Red and receive a gift from me!

The key to Pink Success - A Car - Bee driven to earn a few!

Bee a Rockstarr Director in Blue!

Bee proud to be part of a Prestigious Pink Cadillac Unit!

Become a New Director and party with the Rockstarrs in Atlanta Georgia !

Bee Royal in the Queens Court of Sharing/Sales!

Build Royals in a Circle of Achievement Unit!

Become a Future National with a Circle of Excellence Unit!

Bee on the trip to Santiago, Chile!

Have a Million Dollar Year with 10 Offspring Directors!

Bee a National, the first of 5+ Rockstarr National Offspring!

Bee a Queen of whatever you Love and Want!

Inez Jones Diane Corn